This is the story of how I became a life designer

First of all I would like to say thank you to Robert and Marius from Workliferomance and to all the wonderful people I got to know in the workshops.

My story

At the age of 16 I left my home to find my way. I wanted to learn how a fulfilling life live. I knew that there was a much bigger life was waiting for me outside of the confinements of the world I lived in. Did you ever find yourself asking the questions “What am I doing?” or “How did I get here?” “Who am I”? I ask myself these questions quite often and to be honest with you, now, at a different point in my life, I would definitely recommend my younger self to give the idea of life design a try. I would suggest taking a look at designing my life.

I went to the university and got a degree in educational science and computer science. I have been working in different industries, e.g. in the music and entertainment industry, in an insurance company and most of time in the automotive industry. I asked myself the questions “What am I doing?” or “How did I get here?” “Who am I?” all the time. There were ups and downs and a lot of learnings. I ended up to find myself falling in love the automotive industry and I discovered my strengths. I build up a strong network, I created audio books and I have a family and deep relationships. I built a well-lived and joyful life.

Think like a designer and build a well-lived, joyful life. As a believer in dreams [reference to Stairway to heaven] and thoughts I am a maker, strong-willed and persevering. My (Business-) Life is designed to be dynamic and successful.

How did I become a Life Design Facilitator?

Books can help me to find purpose in life. When I read “Thinking through the ceiling: design thinking in practice”*I fell in love with Design Thinking. I did a few workshops and was inspired and fascinated by the mindset and the process.

The meaning of values

As a Life Design Facilitor* one of the biggest adventures I can ever take is to build a creative culture. What does that mean? That fact that there are values to get me there. As a Life Designer I am optimistic. I try to make mistakes often and early and I believe everything is possible. I learn from failure over and over again. Writing this blog is a new experience for me. I ask myself: how do I start writing a blog? In that case a Life Designer says: first act, think later, which is another value of Life Design.
My blog will reflect thoughts and experiences with Life Design that I would like to share with you and I am writing about something that stokes my passion. I envision my blog to be a tool to connect us – you and I and I want to provide you with helpful information about Life Design. In the next couple of weeks, I will publish/post stories from coaches and customers. You will learn more about them, their jobs and how we achieved their goals with Life Design tools.

Iteration or a step-by-step approach is another core value of Life Design: While writing this blog post, I started over and over again. I asked myself different questions like: how can I help people? Are there other blogs about Life Design? Who can support and help me to get ideas about writing a blog? Which brings me to another value of Life Design: to co-create and to collaborate with others and to act in a group or a team and use the team intelligence in creating ideas.

Stairway to heaven*

During my Life Design Facilitator training I have mastered many different tools – among them „Stairway to heaven“. It instilled the vision of a Life Design Revolution in me. My dream is that everybody lives the life he or she wants to live and I believe this life design process will easily earn a place among career-finding classics.

Let us get inspired and creative today!